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TakeOver Blog 3 – Day One Review and Day Two Preview

19 Mar

Officially, TakeOver doesn’t really start until tomorrow but we did have our first event today so I thought I’d start a very quick review and preview set of blogs for this week! (who’s betting they won’t last!). Bear in mind this is my view of TakeOver as Associate Director but I will try and be as comprehensive as possible!



So Monday 18th March saw the TakeOver SMT gather for a briefing about the week ahead including exciting stuff about decorating the foyer and the launch night, we then went and met Clout Theatre, our first company to arrive and showed them up to their dressing rooms, and then later they ran a great workshop for us in the ballroom called ‘Dynamics of Movement’ which seemed very tiring but was loved by everyone who came! Highlight was three people pretending to be jelly complete with e-number smiles – you probably had to be there! Meanwhile Quicksand had their get-in and tech up at Bar Lane Studios and lots of technical things that I don’t understand were going on in the main house!

^ Clout’s workshop




So tomorrow, Tuesday 18th March sees our official launch! We will be decorating front of house in the morning and then we’ll start greeting Clout Theatre and Factory Theatre in the afternoon ready for their shows, How A Man Crumbled (in the studio, 7.45) and The Odyssey (main house, 7.30) respectively. The launch will kick off around 6.30 with Ruby, our Artistic Director welcoming everyone at 7. Then we have our first two shows to enjoy! I will be watching The Odyssey which I’m sure will be fabulous, and there will be a talkback afterwards (I’m hosting it so you have to come!). Very exciting times! 



Remember for more info check out www.takeoverfestival.co.uk www.yorktheatreroyal.co.uk @ytrtakeover13