6 days to go! #mysteryplays

27 Jul

There’s less than a week to go now until the first performance of The York Mystery Plays 2012! After attending the first read through, I only really joined the rehearsal process in late June, but it has taken a long time to get to the stage we’re at now!

Even though I knew it would be a massive project, I am still taken aback by the scale of the whole thing. We have moved on to the purpose built stage now and have had technical rehearsals on it all this week, alternating between the two casts – the ‘Potters’ and the ‘Carpenters’. Despite the inevitable waitingaroundness of the infamous ‘tech’, this week has been great bonding time and I’ve been meeting and talking to new people every day. This really is a community project – there are people here of all ages, professions and theatrical experience.

Not only is the cast made up of community members, but nearly every other role is too – from stage managers to wardrobe assistants- all given that slick of professionalism by the amazing people at York Theatre Royal and Riding Lights headed up by directors Damian Cruden, Paul Burbridge, Katie Posner and Alexander Wright.

I love that we are in 1940s/50s dress. For me, it makes the whole thing more earthy and more real. I may just be in the ‘mob’ but I feel as if I am playing an actual real person, an ancestor maybe. ‘Humanity’ has replaced ‘ensemble’ and that’s what the plays are all about; humanity (Jesus included?) and how it responds to events outside of its control.

We are depicting the story of the Bible. We are the citizens of Nazareth and Jerusalem. But above all, we are the citizens of York.


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